Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wonder no more

The Magic of Julia Bradbury only improved last night's audience for The Wonder of Britain a tad last night, and not enough to save its primetime slot. 1.8m watched at 9pm in ITV, up from 1.7m last week. But episodes 3 to 5 of the series are nowhere to be seen in ITV's forthcoming schedules.

  • Catching up on the start of the week, Panorama opened its 2015 season with an old face: reporter John Ware took voluntary redundancy from the BBC in 2012, but was back with a piece on British Muslims, wrapped with a trip to Paris, in a programme made by Films of Record, run by Roger Graef and Neil Grant. The audience - 2.95m and a 12.5% share - was up on the 2.37m 2104 average. John's daughter is popular music artiste Jessie Ware, Her second album, Tough Love, has won rave reviews, she featured in the latest BandAid recording and she's about to tour America. The video for her current single "You & I" features family and friends, but not John, who separated from Jessie's mum when she was ten. Nonetheless, she's proud to say ‘My eyebrows and my furrowed brow come from my dad.'

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