Saturday, January 17, 2015

Same old story

The news that John Craven, at 74, has got a role hosting a new BBC2 game show, has, unsurprisingly irritated Miriam O'Reilly.

There may be others. The new programme is called Beat The Brain. Awfully close to a popular section of the Radio 4 quiz Brain of Britain, which is called Beat The Brains, where listeners' questions are put to the contestants. If they fail to answer both or either of them correctly, they win a £20 book token.

One suspects Beat The Brain is on a bigger scale. It's being made by Objective Productions, who bring you The Cube on ITV. They are looking for "fun and confident teams of four, who have what it takes to face fiendish puzzles, challenging mind games and devilish logic problems that will test their mental capabilities to the limit - all with the hope of winning a cash prize."  You have til February 13 to apply.

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