Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Personal space

BBC staff are feeling the squeeze at work. A report on Auntie's properties around the UK says the area occupied per person, excluding specialist spaces like studios, edit suites, etc fell to 12 square metres in March 2013, compared with 14.8 square metres five years earlier. You've all lost the equivalent of a standard size disabled toilet.

Meanwhile, surprise surprise, Broadcasting House is the BBC's most expensive building, to build, and run. It does, after all, produce three 24-hour tv channels, at least seven full radio stations, and supports tv, radio and online services in 27 languages. And manages to stay on air most of the time.

The National Audit Office likes to see buildings full. So, if you're a member of staff worried about further moves to disperse you around the country, take a look at the opportunities here. Click to go large.

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