Thursday, January 29, 2015

Opinion formed 3

The BBC's Future of News Project worries about serving the under 55s.

An organisation that cancelled Top of The Pops, sought to axe 6Music and now wants to close BBC3 doesn't exude much care for younger 'cooler' viewers and listeners. An organisation that hails Mrs Brown's Boys, Citizen Khan and Miranda in comedy, Call the Midwife, Casualty and Last Tango in Halifax in drama, and Strictly in light-entertainment ain't going get the yoof buzzin', even when pre-loading.

A holistic approach is what's needed, as with Newsbeat on Radio 1. Keep BBC3 alive and mix up the spirit of That Was The Week That Was with Liquid News, add a touch of essence of Charlie Brooker, a dash of Jon Stewart's Daily Show, maybe front the whole thing with Barry Shitpeas and Philomena Cunk, every weeknight at 8pm, taking apart things that are really happening - and stick with it until it's part of the furniture. Talk to John Lloyd again about Spitting Image and Not the Nine O'Clock News - he knows the secret formula.

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