Sunday, January 4, 2015

Genie still in bottle

There's still no sign of a new slot for Steve Hewlett's documentary "Reinventing The Royals", which was originally planned for transmission last night on BBC2. It's been made by Steve's own indie, Genie Pictures.

The Mail today characterises the pulling of the programme as the result of a continuing row between Sally Osman (ex BBC spin, now Buck Pal) and Kristina Kyriacou (ex Gary Barlow and Cheryl Cole spin, now Clarence House).  If Sally's ambitious plans of a year ago had come to fruition, Ms K ought to be working out of Buck Pal by now.

Steve H maintains Twitter silence on the subject, though he still plugs his Media Show on Radio 4; perhaps a guest presenter should interview him about it for the next edition ?

And if, as the BBC spins, the problem is over the use of some archive footage, put the show out with a graphic and voice-over explaining what's missing and why.

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