Monday, January 19, 2015

Freedom fighters

In the new BBC world of "Compete or Compare", it's tempting to compare the comedy series W1A with real corporation life, as evidenced in today's Guardian interview with Natalie Humphreys and Mark Freeland, prime movers behind the plan to take BBC tv production to a new, commercial environment.

Without apparent irony, Natalie tells John Plunkett that the BBC has secured the services of 88-year-old David Attenborough for a new natural history series. “We are taking him to secret locations somewhere in the world. It’s uber-landmark. Mega.”

Mark has previously tweeted "It's time the Ferrari left the farmyard".

2,000 farm hands should read the article in full; it's light on facts and high on 'freedom'. Natalie sums up why: "It’s that phrase, ‘in-house’. It doesn’t sound very sexy, like being an inmate. It’s not a prison, but if you are a programme maker there is something lovely about the idea of taking all that brilliance and setting it free and allowing it to serve more people.”  Just like OB's, costumes, and Studios and Post-Production.

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