Friday, December 12, 2014

The value of music

So, on the day the BBC announced how it was proposing to spend less on tv programming targeted at young people, the BBC Music Awards demonstrated some conspicuous consumption on our tvscreens  - and promised to do it again next year.

The live arena show was sold to America, Japan, Denmark and Ireland, which might have defrayed some of the confetti gun costs, but overall, I'd be entertained to learn where it stands in the BBC1 2014 league table of expensive telly, delivering an average tv audience of 3.94m.

And I mean total costing - the Concert Orchestra's time, the set costs, the graphics, the pre-production, the security, the hospitality (bean salad and soup), the free tickets, the giant choirs, the taxis and the rest. By my calculations, 52 minutes 15 seconds of live music across the two hours; the rest promos, trails and warm baths of how lovely the BBC is, and how lucky the music industry is, being able to do business with such lovely people.

Alan Yentob left just after Ed Sheeran's spot - around an hour in. Must have got the Yum-Yums...

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