Monday, December 8, 2014


We are told that the name of Sharon White, currently Second Permanent Secretary to The Treasury, has been put forward as the next Chief Executive of Ofcom.

Sharon was born in East London, went to an all-girl school in Leyton, and was encouraged to apply to Fitzwilliam, Cambridge by her economics teacher Gerald O'Connell, a Fitzbilly alumnus. He also persuaded Sonita Alleyne, now a BBC Trustee, to go - she chose philosophy. Now, all things being equal, both will have responsibility for controlling Auntie.

Sharon met her husband-to-be Robert Chote at Cambridge - he was at Queen's and had the taxing role of leading the student Liberal Democrat group. It looks like their paths went separate ways after graduation, but they caught up again when he was a hack covering various Commons finance committees and she was in The Treasury. They married in 1997, and he's now Director of the Office for Budget Responsibility.

Robert lived in some interesting places when he first moved to London, sharing a Finsbury Park flat "with the showbiz editor of The Sun and the drummer from Primal Scream", then a gaff above dress shop Jane & Dada in Hampstead High Street. and a sojourn in Baker's Passage.  At one stage, with Sharon expecting their second child, they were living above a Thai restaurant in Soho.

Robert and @ShazCho are believed now to be in Tufnell Park, sometimes called Upper Holloway, but if Robert's term is renewed in 2015, and Shaz gets Ofcom, one presumes a return to Hampstead is on the cards. Once they've both checked the figures.

P.S. If you want a haircut like Robert, it's a number 3 across the top, and number 2 down the sides. And here's a report by Sharon that shows her calibre.

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