Friday, December 19, 2014


BBC house organ Ariel is now doing a good job in its quarterly scrutiny of management expenses. But there's still plenty of little stuff left for me !

We welcome the Fleet Street skills of Keith Blackmore, this quarter. He's James Harding's sidekick, brought to keep him company from the Times.  Keith had some business at The Connaught on the 1st of May, and so took a taxi, at £5.50. He explains "The Connaught is in Mayfair.. not near a tube".

Google suggests it's 0.4 mile from Bond Street, 0.6 mile from Marble Arch, and a mighty 0.9 mile from Broadcasting House, which might have taken 17 minutes out of Keith's busy day.

The Mail has spotted that Danny Cohen and Charlotte Moore both made it to the Sunset Marquis in LA in May. Their top get-the-BBC-team missed drama boss Ben Stephenson checking in, too.

Northern Ireland boss Peter Johnston still shares details of his eating preferences. This quarter it's Giraffe at Heathrow and Nando's in Great Portland Street.

Director of Music Bob Shennan managed an August trip to Nashville, via JFK, for £1,762.25. And he charged his subscription to the Country Music Association, at £62.55. You'd have thought he did it for enjoyment.

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