Friday, December 12, 2014

Postbag 2

More from the Tradingaswdr postbag..

Dear Trading, 

I'm at an early stage in mapping out my life plan, but am fairly certain I'd like to end up in a fully-serviced house in one of our great university towns. I don't mind toasting the odd muffin myself, or indeed pouring a pre-prandial fino, but I'd expect nice on site-catering, with good, regular, five-course evenings meals. I'm not averse to a little light dressing-up, and quite enjoy the intellectual challenge offered by young, largely unformed minds.  Any thoughts ?



Dear D, I see from your address you're already well into a media career. It's the right thing to do. From the Guardian, we have Rusbridger to Lady Margaret Hall, Will Hutton at Hertford, and Jackie Ashley at Lucy Cavendish Colleger. From the BBC, we have Tim Gardam at St Anne's, Mark Damazer at St Peter's and Roger Mosey at Selwyn. Keep practising on the unformed minds where you are, and all will come good.

Of course, if you can manage without the historic house, there's the Open University - where Martin Bean earned £407,000 in salary, pension contributions and other benefits in 2012/13.  This gives tghe BBC's outgoing Director of Global News Peter Horrocks a chance to improve on his £240,759 from Auntie when he arrrives in post.

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