Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Money trail

The BBC's lead man on moving BBC3 online, Damien Kavanagh, makes a brave case in a blog today - building a future round a prescription of 80% spend on long-form content, to be available through "ordinary" telly as well as "on-demand" and "online", plus 20% on new, shorter, perhaps more topical content aimed at social media platforms.  The second half of the prescription divides the content into stuff that "makes me laugh" and stuff that "makes me think" - no word on proportions here.

But today's announcements are vague about the money. My best guess is £20-25m per annum available for content - down to a third of the spending predicted for 2015/16.

In other moves, I'm slightly puzzled by extending CBBC hours to 9pm, presumably with repeats rather than new content. If it costs anything, shouldn't that be spent on content for the struggling channel ?

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