Monday, December 22, 2014

Known unknowns

I've held off as long as I can. But now I need lists to keep the blog going. Here's a weak one to start with.

Things we won't know in 2014.

The new director of the Proms. Edward Blakeman, acting chief, will have the 2015 season pretty much nailed down, before Alan Davey, new Controller of Radio 3, actually arrives at the BBC. He's currently in a festival of leaving events at the Arts Council. Left, Al surrounded by a huge crowd of well-wishers, cuts a cake in the form of a record-player.

The results of the Dame Janet Smith Review. Her inquiry, into the activities of Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall, enters its third year in 2015, with Dame Janet now 74 years old. BBC bosses expect "severe turbulence" when it is finally published.

The number of people graded Band 11 at the BBC. Dubbed "SM3" by the unions, this growing band is either growing too fast for HR to count, or being paid too much for Auntie to reveal.

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