Sunday, December 21, 2014

Deal or no deal

The BBC has paid out an average of £17,000 to 49 people who brought unfair dismissal cases since 2005, avoiding tribunal hearings in nearly 55% of cases brought.

From a response to an FoI inquiry, the BBC reveals that
  • 90 employment tribunal or industrial tribunal claims have been brought against the BBC since 1 April 2005
  • 14 of the 90 claims were withdrawn
  • 25 of these claims proceeded to tribunal of which 24 were dismissed (i.e. won by the BBC) or struck out and one was upheld. Two claims are still ongoing.
  • the BBC settled 49 unfair dismissal claims without admission of liability and before a tribunal judgement and that the total figure paid to claimants in such cases over the ten year period of your request was £840,341
  • the BBC is not charged for the time that is spent on each case by the BBC’s Employment Law Department

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