Saturday, November 22, 2014

VP to P

Congratulations to Sarah Barnett, new President of BBC America. It's not a big move in terms of distance; the channel is now run by US group AMC, in offices near Madison Square Garden, where until now, Sarah has been in charge of the Sundance Channel.

Sarah's from the UK. She started at Warwick University in 1986, studying the History of Art. She worked in BBC Radio Arts production for a number of years, producing Kaleidoscope and Night Waves, and then in tv presentation and branding. She joined BBC Worldwide as "Vice-President, Creative Services", and in 2004, gave BBC America a new on-screen look from their offices in Washington.

At Sundance since 2005, her notable successes have included putting money into "Top of The Lake", a co-production with BBC2 and BBC Worldwide in the UK, Australia and New Zealand; and backing last year's sleeper, The Honourable Woman.

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