Sunday, November 23, 2014

Not yet under water

The first series of the BBC's Greek-myth-hokum, Atlantis, opened with 7.36m viewers and finished with 4.90m. 

Still, in partnership with BBC America, BBC1 Controller Charlotte Moore backed a second series, and we were promised something "darker, more adult". Episode 1, rolling off the Strictly Blackpool blockbuster, retained 4.2m last Saurday - 18.4% share. Last night's second slice fell to 3.62m - 15.8% share. Maybe the young folk switched to XFactor. 

It will need heroic improvement in its consolidated figures to look like a good investment. 

The second series is also running on BBC America; I can't find episode 1 in the top 100 cable shows for 15th November. 

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