Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fleece hunter

Sometimes, in social media, you while away idle moments fiddling with things.

Jason Seiken, The Telegraph's Editor-in-chief-in-a-nuanced-relationship-with-content, has just updated his Twitter profile. Where before it was a short litany of previous employers, it now adds "transformed" PBS digital, "founding editor", and "executive" aol.

Printable suggestions for a past participle which might reasonably be put in front of The Telegraph when he leaves are welcome.

Meanwhile Jason tweets wistfully about the appointment of Kinsey Wilson, late of US broadcaster NPR, to the New York Times; Wilson and Seiken worked together on new media collaboration when Seiken was with PBS.

And he shares one of those philosophical apercus you find on social media when you've got time on your hands.

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