Friday, November 28, 2014

Dance off

I like to keep you in touch with BBC alumni, and was looking for news of Caroline Thomson, the Chief Operating Officer-spurned-by-Patten-as-DG, who is, amongst other things, billed as Executive Director of the English National Ballet.

She's married to Baron Liddle of the House of Lords, aka Roger John Liddle, who is also Labour member for Wigton, on Cumbria County Council. This is in his current declaration of interests.

Wife – Caroline Thomson Chair, Digital UK; Director CN Group; Consultant Canada Broadcasting Corporation; Director (Retiring) English National Ballet. 

Of course, she's recently taken on new responsibilities at the Shareholder Executive; maybe, at 60, her terpsichorean work is over. And ENB deputy chairman Ed Williams (ex BBC and Mark Thompson's minder-in-the-UK) will have to help find another CEO.

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