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Saturday, February 20, 2021

The value of self-promotion

If the Sun's "BBC insider" is right, and 40-year-old Gemma Collins is being paid more than £100k for her next run of BBC Sounds podcasts, someone needs to get a grip. 

It's now over four years since the former Sylvia Young Theatre School pupil managed to stumble on stage at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards (back onto a rising stage platform that she apparently forgot was there). Since then, some have presumed that continuing BBC jobs were some sort of alternative to a court case for damages.  If that was ever true, we're surely beyond that now. 

Gemma's podcasts vary in length, from 8 minutes to 33 minutes. If there's anyone in the BBC's contract department who thinks that these burblings from someone who is happy to lie on national tv about sex tapes are worth £6,000 and more each, please step forward now.  And declare how much Listen, part of Wise Buddah, is getting for 'producing' them. 

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