Friday, September 15, 2023

Selling news

BBC News and Mr Musk are presumably exchanging funds in one direction or another for an "X" ad campaign selling 'BBC News' on the back of fear of a housing price crash.  The BBC News website 'explainer' has been  'up' since August 1st, and is still being 'trailed' in Twitter feeds 45 days later.  The piece has had variant headlines - the current is "What is happening to house prices, and could there be a crash?"

If you read to the end, the question is unanswered: "The future of house prices depends on the economy as a whole, and that picture is...uncertain."

The answer to 'Why Am I Seeing This Ad" suggests I've shown an interest in BBC News or Sport, and I may be under 45 (I'm 71).  I am interested in how much money the BBC is spending on this campaign, and I'm sure digital thought leader Naja Nielsen will come forward and append the figures to the piece..... 

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