Monday, February 12, 2018


The credits are in; three for Alan Yentob, on top of his role as strand editor, in "Imagine: Mel Brooks: Unwrapped", anchoring the BBC2 Saturday night schedule at ten o'clock. It's an hour and 15 long, which probably avoids rows between the producer, director and editor. Leave it all in, eh ?


PresenterAlan Yentob
ParticipantMel Brooks
ProducerAlan Yentob
DirectorAlan Yentob
Executive ProducerTanya Hudson

The billing on iPlayer makes it pretty clear this show is running late aready.

Mel Brooks: Unwrapped
Imagine Winter 2017

At the age of 91, Mel Brooks is unstoppable, with his musical Young Frankenstein opening to great critical acclaim in London in late 2017. Alan Yentob visits Mel at home in Hollywood, at work and at play. With the aid of BBC archive stretching back decades, together they embark on an unpredictable, irresistible journey through the city of stars, meeting the legendary Carl Reiner along the way. The driver is Mel Brooks. You have been warned!

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