Sunday, February 11, 2018


There may some discussions ahead about the BBC drama pipeline, and whether or not it is being squeezed slightly too hard. Hard Sun finished last night with an average of just 1.61m viewers, 9.8% of the available viewers. Welsh contribution Requiem, on Friday night, was down to 2.22m (12.2%).

Series 4 of Scotland's Shetland starts on BBC1 on Tuesday. The last run-out averaged above 6m. Collateral starts on BBC2 on Monday. Next Saturday night we get Troy.

And in the world of continuous re-invention, Still Open All Hours, a comedy about lovable yet unbelievable old duffers, finishes tonight, to be followed in the same slot by more lovable old duffers in Hold The Sunset next weekend.

Anyone seen a concert, some quality opera, or anything uplifting recently ?

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