Saturday, August 5, 2017


Not sure what's happening to David Holdsworth's bonus this year. He looks after BBC Local Radio, where there's supposed to be gender equality at breakfast. This is the schedule for Monday, and, ignoring deps, I make it 29 men play 22 women. Gawd knows where the salaries end up (tho Vanessa probably helps).

Berks: Andrew Peach
Bristol: Emma Britton
Cambridge: Dotty MacLeod
Cornwall: James Churchfield & Pam Spriggs
Coventry and Warwickshire: Trish Adudu
Cumbria: Mike Zeller
Derby: Ian Skye
Devon: Gordon Sparks
Essex: Sadie Nine
Gloucestershire: Mark Cummings
Guernsey: Jim Cathcart
Hereford & Worcester: Elliott & Toni
Humberside: Lizzie Rose & Carl Wheatfield
Jersey: Ashlea Tracey
Kent: John Warnett & Anna Cookson
Lancashire: Graham Liver
Leeds: Liz Green (Richard Stead sits in)
Leicester: Jim Davis & Jo Hayward
Lincolnshire: Scott Dalton
London: Vanessa Feltz
Manchester: Alison Butterworth (Michelle Adamson sits in) and Phil Trow
Merseyside: Lisa Marrey (Paul Beesley sits in)
Newcastle: Alfie & Anna (Steffen and Stephanie sit in)
Norfolk: Nick Conrad (David Whiteley sits in)
Northampton: Stuart Linnell
Nottingham: Andy Whittaker & Sarah Julian (Verity Cowley sits in)
Oxford: David Prever
Sheffield: Toby Foster (Paul Walker sits in)
Shropshire: Eric Smith & Clare Ashford
Solent: Julian Clegg
Somerset: Claire Carter
Stoke: Liz Ellis (Lee Thomas sits in)
Suffolk: Mark Murphy
Surrey: Mark Carter & Lesley McCabe
Sussex: Joe Talbot
Tees: Neil Green & Amy Oakden
Three Counties: Andy Collins
Wiltshire: Ben Prater (Graham Rogers sits in)
WM: Alex Lester (Richie & Louise sit in)
York: Kay Crewdson

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