Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Scotland the Brave

New BBC Scotland boss Donalda MacKinnon has grasped a nettle that Lord Hall swerved in re-structuring nationally.  She's introduced a commissioning/production split that leaves no room for a specific head of radio - and so, Head of Radio Scotland Jeff Zycinski, has opted for redundo aged 54.

Ewan Angus, from the tv side, will be a 'multi-platform' content commissioner, and Pauline Law will run 'multi-platform' production. This was the sort of structure recommended by McKinsey for the wider BBC, but it proved to too tricky to fix, and the three-humped camel emerged, with Charlotte Moore doing Content (largely tv, tv sport and iPlayer); James Purnell edging out Helen Boaden to run Radio, Network Radio Production, Education, Children's, Arts (we are told) and Music; and Mark Linsey running most, but not all, TV production.

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