Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dear Tony

Here are the forty names appended to the open letter to the DG, promising to help him sort out unequal pay by gender NOW.

Aasmah Mir, R4 Saturday Live, previously 5Live Drive #notonthelist
Katya Adler, Europe Editor for News #notonthelist when part-time World Affairs Editor John Simpson is on £150k+
Anita Anand, formerly with 5Live and The Daily Politics, now R4's Any Answers #notonthelist
Wendy Austin, doyenne of BBC radio and tv in Northern Ireland, leading phone-in host with Talkback #notonthelist and probably amazed at Stephen Nolan's deal
Samira Ahmed, formerly with C4 News, now of Front Row and Newswatch #notonthelist
Clare Balding, flat race jockey turned sports presenter with 5Live, and now uber-sports presenter and radio host £150k+
Emma Barnett, presents 3 days a week on 5Live and #notonthelist, when Adrian Chiles does two days for £150k+
Zeinab Badawi, co-presented C4 News before joining the BBC; does Hardtalk and specials for BBC World News #notonthelist
Sue Barker, BBC Wimbledon £300k+
Rachel Burden, 5Live Breakfast and some weekend tv shifts, #notonthelist
Annabel Croft, tennis-player turned pundit #notonthelist
Martine Croxall, late evening hostess of newspaper reviews on BBC News Channel, NUJ stalwart, #notonthelist
Victoria Derbyshire, formerly of BBC Manchester and 5Live, now with eponymous morning show, £200k+
Lyse Doucet, much-garlanded BBC Chief International News Correspondent #notonthelist
Jane Garvey, who started at 5Live at the same time as Eddie Mair and Adrian Chiles #notonthelist
Joanna Gosling, former ITV presenter now with BBC News Channel #notonthelist
Fi Glover, GLR, Five Live and R4 Listening Project, co-presenter of Fortunately podcast with Jane Garvey #notonthelist
Carrie Gracie, persuaded by James Harding to be BBC China Editor, #notonthelist when BBC Norther America Editor Jon Sopel is on £200k+
Orla Guerin, relentlessly upbeat frontline Middle East correspondent #notonthelist
Karin Giannone, South African-born BBC World News presenter #notonthelist
Mishael Husain Today and BBC News bulletins £200k+
Lucy Hockings, New Zealand-born presenter for BBC World News #notonthelist
Geeta Guru-murthy, Krishnan's older sister, BBC World presenter #notonthelist
Kirsty Lang, R4 Front Row #notonthelist
Gabby Logan, sports presenter £200k+
Martha Kearney, presents The World At One for at least £50k less than Eddie Mair gets for PM
Carolyn Quinn, R4 all-rounder #notonthelist
Kasia Madera, BBC World News presenter #notonthelist
Katty Kay, co-hostess of BBC News 100 Days based in Washington #notonthelist
Emily Maitlis, reportedly out of contract at Newsnight #notonthelist
Louise Minchin, BBC Breakfast lead #notonthelist
Sarah Montague, the only Today presenter #notonthelist
Jenni Murray, the other Women's House presenter #notonthelist
Annita McVeigh, daytime BBC News Channel presenter #notonthelist
Elaine Paige, Radio 2 weekend presenter #notonthelist
Sally Nugent, BBC Breakfast sport presenter #notonthelist
Angela Rippon, daytime tv presenter #notonthelist
Ritula Shah, main presenter R4 The World Tonight #notonthelist
Sarah Smith, BBC Scotland editor #notonthelist
Kate Silverton, weekend BBC News presenter #notonthelist
Charlotte Smith, Farming Today and Countryfile #notonthelist
Kirsty Wark, Newsnight £150k+
Fiona Bruce, Antiques Road Show, Fake or Fortune, Hive Minds and BBC News £350k+
Alex Jones, The One Show £400k+

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