Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Fatal attraction

Only dinosaurs place job ads and hire people. Top organisations have talent strategies, and require Resourcing Specialists. The BBC has an old-fashioned ad for just such a specialist, whose job will be to put an end to such antiquated forms of recruitment. It's all about attraction and on-boarding....

This role to [sic] key to the success of organisation's new talent strategy. You’ll lead and manage the end to end resourcing process from attraction to on-boarding. You’ll have the scope to innovate and explore new talent acquisition techniques, tools and methodologies to ensure that the BBC attracts diverse and talented individuals. 

You will create and implement first class and creative end to end resourcing solutions, ensuring a high-touch candidate and hiring manager experience that continually exceeds expectations and attracts the best talent to the BBC. 

We’re looking for a talented individual who is a true consultant
[No making things up - Ed] and business partner, with a proven background and depth of experience in entry level/graduate resourcing.

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  1. Closes tomorrow - based in Brum, with HR (who are well versed in writing such tosh)


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