Saturday, June 3, 2017

Blue Jay

One can imagine a tricky conversation or two as you tell Jay Hunt she hasn't got a job she wants. And then some tricky negotiations over an exit strategy. She's leaving C4 as Chief Creative Officer, having failed to convince she's the best choice as Chief Executive. Extremely galling when your late father was a leading expert on leadership and business management, the inside story will probably be more galling when we find out who the panel have preferred to put forward to our current/next Culture Secretary.

“I will continue in post till the end of September and am looking forward to Channel 4 delivering not just an exciting summer of sport but the richest autumn schedule we've ever had with big shows from the Great British Bake Off to Electric Dreams. It'll be business as usual till October.

"Channel 4 is a unique and special place. I've really enjoyed leading this phase of its creative renewal and I'll be cheering the new leadership team on from afar." Yes indeed.

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