Friday, May 26, 2017

No structure ?

Here's a useful snapshot of the current BBC workforce, revealed in answer to a Freedom of Information enquiry. It shows the headcount by division, and the full-time equivalent (adding up people who job-share or work part-time into single units) at 30th April 2017.

News has the highest number of part-time workers and job-shares. The emerging Deputy Director General Group, now parcelled under Anne Bulford, represents nearly 29% of the licence-fee funded EFT. You have to remember that BBC Studios, making tv programmes, are not in this list, as a commercial subsidiary. Nonetheless, away from the output divisions, the DDG Group, comprising Finance, Engineering, HR, Workplace, Legal and Business Assurance, and Marketing and Audiences, is a substantial chunk of people, given the BBC drive to reduce 'overheads'.

The same enquirer also asked "Can you provide me a current organisational chart of each group in diagram format?"

The extraordinary answer "We can confirm that the BBC does not hold this information; due to the size and changing nature of the BBC workforce we do not have visual diagrams representing the structure of the BBC. The Act does not require us to create new information in order to satisfy a request."

I think the BBC should have another look.

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