Thursday, May 18, 2017

More talk

LBC across the UK now gets close to 1.8m listeners a week, in the latest quarterly audience figures - up nearly 16% year on year. TalkRADIO is finding it harding to make traction - this quarter it stands at 238k listeners, down from 259k in its launch quarter.

BBC Local Radio as a whole is down 6% year on year, to 8.26m. As ever, there are wild swings for individual stations, but Radio Leicester will be pleased with a 37% uptick, and Radio Kent's 33% rise year-on-year takes them to a five-year peak.

In the Nations & Regions, Radio Wales slips from 380k to 373k weekly reach; Radio Cymru welcome an extra 7k, taking them to 119k; Radio Scotland is up 1.8%, to 957k; and Radio Ulster is down 5%, to 518k.

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