Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gap analysis

A footnote to Monday's tv audience figures. ITV's News at Ten scored a very healthy 2.8m in the overnight ratings. The preceding drama, Little Boy Blue was watched by 5.77m, and Tom Bradby appeared almost over the closing credits to announce that the bulletin, the other side of adverts, would be leading with the death of "Moors Murderer" Ian Brady.

The news didn't make the headlines of the BBC Ten O'Clock bulletin. It was confirmed by the Press Association at 2207. Clearly ITN had confidence in their source way ahead of that. Could it/should it have been a BBC lead ? Birtists argue it's news without significance, an immediate event with no policy implications, feeding into and from a tabloid agenda. News at Huw was watched by 3.9m.

1pm update: Last night things returned to the norm. ITV 1.72m (10.6% share) BBC1 4.2m (25.9% share).

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