Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pulling your leg

Two semi-apologies from the BBC, on their Complaints Site, about the low humour and insensitive juxtapositions that riddled the big Comic Relief 2017 broadcast. It turns out the alleged fake penis dangled between his legs by Vic Reeves whilst interviewing Susanna Reid wasn't. So that's all good then.

"We would like to apologise to any viewers who were upset or offended by a sequence during the interview with Vic and Bob when a prop could be glimpsed underneath Vic’s kilt.

"We reassure you that the prop used was the leg of a plastic toy.

"The routine was part of an absurd interview with Vic and Bob in character as the outlandish Stotts. Their interviews rely on innocence and silliness to work because the joke is on the interviewee and their reaction to an often ridiculous situation..... However, as can sometimes happen in live comedy, this particular skit went a little further than we had expected. "

And from the more general semi-apology..

"We would like to take this opportunity to say that we are disappointed if any sections of the programme offended any viewers or if you thought it didn’t live up to previous years.

"We hope you appreciate that a great deal of planning and work goes into the night. The very last thing we want was to take away from all of the hard work everyone put in and we will bear in mind the wide range of audience feedback for all future events."

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