Saturday, April 22, 2017

Plus sign

I'm firmly of the belief that it's wrong to put dates and durations in the titles of programmes. Scotland 2014 staggered on til 2016; Film 71 in the titles has tottered on to Film 2017. There was a Newsbeat programme that got stuck with dates, too...

Now BBC World has got a reasonable show underway at 7pm UK weekdays, 100 days of Trump are almost at an end. Katty Kay in Washington and Christian Fraser in Broadcasting House have developed a reasonable rapport (despite time-delays) with BBC World 100 Days, simulcast on BBC4, and eventually were rewarded with some neater title shots.

The 100 days are up on 29th April (a Saturday, so there's no show), but lo, in schedules for 1 May, we find BBC World 100 Days+, billed as a new series.

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