Monday, April 24, 2017

Linear assistance

Here's a neat idea - especially if you live in Gloucestershire, Surrey, South/West London, Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool. For a small fee (currently £20 an hour) you can get your podcast on DAB Radio.

Upload Radio will appeal to independent podcasters outside the BBC behemoth who have to work hard for publicity and ear-time. And there's probably nothing more satisfying, even to digital pioneers, than seeing your show in a 'proper station's' schedule. The final advantage of the Upload Radio business model is that, for 30 days after the broadcast, your show will still be on the station website, and discoverable on the The Radioplayer mobile app and the pop-up Radioplayers of nearly every UK radio station – including BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 4, Capital FM, Heart and Radio X.

Of course, the schedule is moderated - so make sure it's within Ofcom rules before you start thinking about signing up.

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