Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Visual journalism

When the 'newspaper boys' currently running BBC News sit down this morning and opine on last night's output, I wonder if anyone will dare to raise Kamal Ahmed's Budget Preview on the-only-output-that-matters, News at Huw.

The Economics Editor's lumpen script was twisted into excruciating visual metaphors, each pointed up in a manner beyond the ken of Chris Morris' Brass Eye reports - 'sun continuing to shine', 'economic waters', 'brighter economic outlook', all marked by sunny skies, reservoirs and clearing clouds. And then this patronising attempt to make stats interesting. Utterly laughable.


  1. I watched it cringing. Beyond parody. Never has it been more important to play it straight.

  2. Looks like a stringy Cat Stevens after he`d lost his talent but picked up a fatwa for Rushdie.
    Typical BBC landfiller...fat wallet, no point.


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