Saturday, March 4, 2017

On tour

Unsurprisingly, Ed Sheeran's performances on The One Show drew a bigger-than-usual-Friday-night-crowd to the Entwistle Piazza outside Broadcasting House. And, by singing at the start and end of the show, local yoof got a heads up and drifted along.

And then into the building, and the Newsroom floor. It would be odd if the investigation showed that it would be a good idea to mend pass-secured doors as soon as they are reported broken. Or put a guard on broken doors when there's a big crowd outside.

If Facebook is to be believed the intruders may have had some native cunning, but not much understanding of News and Current Affairs. At least one thought he was at Sky,  but another, much more James Harding's target audience, recognised is as the home of vertical video. That, too, could be disputed news.

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