Thursday, March 9, 2017

Moore for the Board ?

After a brief hiatus, presumably for the insertion of a Lord-Hall-no-effin-mumbling-this-time clause in the new contract, the BBC (and its unlikely US partner Fox) has commissioned series 2 of Taboo.

It's a good point-scorer for Director of Content Charlotte Moore, who risked a Saturday night slot for the cod Dickens/Dumas/Ridley Scott confection, and has been rewarded with terrific catch-up figures in proportion to the overnight ratings. With more than a nod to the concerns of Ofcom about connecting with yoof, she noted "the growing talkability of Taboo has engaged younger audiences, seeing record numbers coming to BBC iPlayer, with the availability of the box set maximising audiences even further."

The BBC says, after 28 days, each episode is totalling around 7 million viewers on all platforms, compared with averages just below 4m in the overnight ratings. 23 percent of Taboo’s live Saturday night audiences were aged under 45; almost half of those watching in the 8-28 day window were under 45.

The multiplier is even greater in the States where Taboo aired on FX; average overnight figures were 1.33m - but rose to 5.8 million viewers per episode across all platforms, including on-air replays, delayed viewing and streaming.

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