Thursday, March 23, 2017


The forecourt of Television Centre - in BBC days, known as the Horseshoe Car Park, with entrance and exit through raise-and-lower barriers, with a central office for security guards - has always looked very different in artist impressions by developers Stanhope. Monumental concrete letters have so far been the name of the game....

New images from the Architects Journal show some rather different views. The developers are running a design competition to provide a kiosk or kiosks (selling coffee and flowers) on the outside deck in front of the big brick wall containing tv studio TC1. I'm afraid, at 28m, the opportunity is rather small for the five short-listed schemes - and the impact is provincial theme park, rather than wow.


  1. Note to Lord Hall:

    If I was an entrepreneur, I'd open a coffee bar in a TARDIS like they have done with the redundant police boxes in Glasgow - trouble is it would never happen (see court case BBC v Met Police) as the Beeb owns copyright (obtained at licence payers expense).

    1. Just the thing to cheer up that bland wall on TC1 - despite this:

      Gosh, was it really 20 years ago!


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