Thursday, February 9, 2017

TV times

"Hi, Bill, how's the salary balance in BBC tv ?", I hear you ask.

Well, good news for Charlotte Moore, personally - her salary has gone up, as Director of Content, from £295k in July, to £325k in the latest figures. This puts her ahead of James Purnell, on £295k - but then, the figures are only up-to-date to September 2016, and James only (officially) got the Radio gig at the very end of that month. What's the betting he gets declared at £325k next time ?

In tv team terms, Kim Shillinglaw used to be Controller of both BBC2 and BBC4, for a handsome £227,800. Now we have Patrick Holland, at BBC2, on £195k and Cassian Harrison, at BBC4, on £160k. (Total of  £137,200 more than Shillinglaw)

Some well-paid commissioners join the Moore line-up - Kate Phillips, Entertainment, on £200k, Alison Kirkham, Factual, also on £200k, and Tom MacDonald, all-purpose commissioning, £160k. Shane Allen, picking our comedies, is on £207k and Mark Cooper, TV Music, £156k. Lucy Richer is looking after Drama on £164,800, while we wait for Piers Wenger's salary to be disclosed; and we're also waiting for a new head of BBC Films. You can add to the mix Damian Kavanagh, looking after BBC3 for £213,400, and Dan McGolpin, commissioning daytime for £175k.

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