Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mending The Nightly Show

10 quick fixes to ITV's Nightly Show. No fee.

1) Hire writers from Have I Got News For You
2) Remember - the top topical gag is always better than material you've stacked up in case nothing funny happens that day. Leave that on the shelf.
3) Could Walliams pretend to be interested in the guests, if that's not too much trouble ?
4) Don't show us the audience too clearly. They looked more nervous than Walliams.
5) Pace. Fast and slow, please.
6) Get a band or announcer for the host to bounce off.
7) Sort the acoustics. Double track the audience laughter, like Mantovani did with his Strings.
8) The host must glance between the guest/s and audience in wide shots; and into the camera on close-ups - which must be much closer.
9) Move the sofa. The guests almost have their backs to the audience they're supposed to be amusing.
10) Put one person in charge.

Here's a wonderful example of how it should be done....

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