Friday, February 24, 2017

Big Data

How's myBBC doing ? We were told to expect the BBC to move to mandatory sign-in for iPlayer in "early 2017". Is that before Easter, one wonders ?

The BBC is still hiring for the project: a big bloke from Sky is coming in "spring", and there are currently ads for Software Engineer - myBBC; Full Stack Leader Developer myBBC; Senior Developer In Test myBBC; Senior Full Stack (PHP) Developer myBBC; Full Stack Developers (node.js) Middleweight & Senior myBBC; Business Analyst myBBC 3rd Party Data; Business Analyst myBBC SCV; plus an open invitation to a Software Engineers Hiring Event.

"SCV ?" I hear you ask. Why, silly, that's the Single Customer View platform, "a petabyte scale, cloud-hosted, big data warehouse". That's probably why they're also advertising for a Big Data Engineer.

Occasionally, and only occasionally, English breaks out in some of the ads. I quite liked this: "We’ll get along great if you’re a fantastic developer who gets excited by emerging web technologies and shares a passion for creating web experiences accessible by all.

"If you don’t currently match the job spec completely then don’t let this dissuade you from applying. We’re looking for intelligent people who are quick to learn and adapt."

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