Thursday, January 26, 2017

Really ?

Here's an Freedom of Information enquiry refusal by BBC News that doesn't feel right. They say they can't work out the diversity of new recruits to the division over the last year in less than 18 hours. Mmm.  How on earth can they report their figures back to the Corporate Centre, for the Annual Report etc ? How on earth do they update their own diversity figures ? (Maybe they don't...)

Please tell me how many of the 169 external recruits by BBC News (Freedom of Information Request - RFI20161970)
are BAME / white majority / white other,
- declared a disability. 

In response to your request, due to the technical design of our systems a manual search with information gathered from another system would have to be conducted. Therefore, in order to respond in full to your request we estimate that to carry out this search would take BBC Staff more than two and a half days. Under section 12 of the Act, we are allowed to refuse to handle the request if it would exceed the appropriate limit. The appropriate limit has been set by the Regulations (SI 2004/3244) as being £450 (equivalent to two and a half days work, at an hourly rate of £25).

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