Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sticking with it

Be careful what you wish for. The BBC News at Ten was shoved close to an hour and a half late last night, to accommodate continuing coverage of British success at Olympic cycling. Newsnight, apparently shackled in some technical way, just snuck on at midnight. "Newsmorning", said Evan. Two editions coming in one day, said Editor Ian Katz. I'll try to get the audience figures later - but I think it was probably the right thing to do. If you search for BBC News at Ten on the iPlayer, you get a very accomplished bulletin presently exactly on time on the News Channel, by Julian Worricker.

  • Update: The ratings are great. The average for BBC1 between 7pm and 11.25pm (when the news bulletin finally appeared) was 8.6m (44.2% share), with a peak of 10.89m for the 15 minutes from 10.45pm. No sign of a big flight to ITV's News At Ten - 1.5m average.

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