Sunday, August 14, 2016


I've tried to lay off Olympic coverage, through gritted teeth. The audience figures are better than the BBC dared to hope, given the Rio time difference.

But the limited vocabulary of most of our commentators and summarisers, prompted by fatuous questions from presenters in the UK and Rio is really getting to me. Matthew Engel in the Financial Times nails it.

Readers point me to other daftness. BBC sports editor Dan Roan, previewing the climax of the women's heptathlon last night on the late evening news, said Jessica Ennis-Hill might become "only the third woman in Olympic history to retain a title having become a mother".

And a good reader suggestion: why not put a feed of continuous hosted Olympic coverage on a red button channel, to allow Olympic couch potatoes an easier life, and stop complaints about switching between BBC1, 2 and 4 during key moments ?

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  1. Most of the BBC1/2 switching comes before the regional news opt out and is shown in programme listings beforehand - in past years they've painted themselves into a corner by suddenly moving the National News over to BBC2 and then not being able to do the regional stuff after it as this regional infrastructure only exists on BBC1.

    At least this time round they're giving News priority over Sport - it's usually the other way around. But yes, I agree - should ALL be on the red button.

    Breakfast news is dire at the moment - I've zapped over to Sky News where they seem contractually limited in the Olympic moving pix they can use (if any). Then I take to DVD/iPlayer/ITV/C4, in fact anything to get away from the wall-to-wall Beeb Olympic coverage.


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