Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Investigating investigators

The Times (paywalled) reports claims made by author Frederick Forsyth speaking at the Edinburgh Book Festival. He alleges the BBC broke into his London flat when he was freelancing in Biafra. He'd just been sacked by Auntie after filing reports which were deemed biased to the secessionists.

He says the intruders told neighbours they were concerned for his health and the 'door was duly beaten in'.

 'It was the BBC. I was told there is a very secretive fellow in the BBC called the Investigator.”

A spokesman for the BBC told The Times 'We’ve no knowledge of the events in this story or anyone called the Investigator.' This is a little odd. The BBC has had an Investigations Unit for years, and advertised for an Investigator as recently as July this year.

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