Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How much ?

It was perhaps inevitable. Former No 10 communications boss Craig Oliver has signed with Kruger Cowne as agent for speaking engagements - and the Sun says he's priced at £50k a pop.

BBC World Affairs editor John Simpson was in at the start of  Kruger Cowne, run by his sister-in-law. He recently hosted a Kruger Cowne breakfast event with Oliver, who, prior to Downing Street, worked for the BBC.  John's view ?  “He was undoubtedly the best editor I ever worked for". 

Editor, perhaps, but maybe not sub-editor. Take this ungainly par from the puff for Oliver on Kruger Cowne's website.

"His knowledge and expertise range from helping deliver a successful General Election campaign to dealing with a number of difficult situations the government had to face over the years."

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