Friday, August 26, 2016

Factored in ?

The latest six-monthly circulation figures for local and regional papers are out - and Johnston Press’s stable is all down, save for the Leicester Mercury. It's up 2% on the previous six months, but still down 4% year on year.

Sticking with year on year, the Wigan Evening Post was down 30%, the Shields Gazette 24.8%, the Sunderland Echo 16.9%, the Sheffield Star 15.5%, the Scotsman 14.6%, the Yorkshire Post 5%.

On the other hand, JP's total digital users, in terms of unique daily browsers, was up 22.3% year on year, to 1,189,674. Within that, the Belfast Newsletter online was up 73%, Peterborough Today was up 69%, the Yorkshire Post grew by 48%, but the Scotsman fell by 5%.

Johnston Press share closed last night at 8.60p, before the figures came out.

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