Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Stable door

HR observers of emerging titles will be interested in the newest addition to the Executive Board of the New York Times.

Ellen Shultz, with 15 years' experience in human resources for Time Inc (including a spell in London) is leaving her HR job with US local tv operators Media General, for a new role reporting to NYT CEO, and former BBC DG, Mark Thompson. She will be called Executive Vice President for Talent and Inclusion - and will assume leadership of the company’s global human resources team and all aspects of its operation.

Mark said “Ellen is joining the Times with an outstanding track record and highly relevant experience at companies undergoing significant digital transitions like ours. We will rely heavily on her expertise in helping us to attract, develop and retain outstanding employees and to think and work differently across the organization.”

Vanity Fair today suggests that the NYT is looking for 200 or so volunteers for redundancy from its 1300 hacks. Two former NYT employees, both black women in their 60s, have questioned the company's attitudes to inclusion in a lawsuit against the company. The NYT says it will fight it all the way.

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