Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The Independent thinks John Whittingdale is heading to Glastonbury. It's not clear what's the pull this year for the fun-loving metal fan and Brexiteer - there's not an obvious axe-man in the line-up for John to make with the air guitar. It may be a fleeting visit - John is also keen to catch up with Ritchie Blackmore, 71, ex-Deep Purple and Rainbow, playing a one-off UK gig in Birmingham on Saturday night.

Maybe the Culture Secretary is being led through the Glasto fields by son Henry, big in marketing at Columbia, who might drag him towards UK Grime artiste Stormzy's Friday night set at the Sonic Stage. Ed Vaizey's a big fan.

But what to wear ? John told the Guardian in 2012 "I do still have one of those waistcoats with patches all over it, and a Motörhead skull on the back. But I don't wear it now. Mainly because there would be people like you lurking everywhere. So no, I wear a pair of jeans and an open-necked shirt. I think I may have been known to wear an Iron Maiden T-shirt... It has been known."

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