Sunday, June 26, 2016


Commendable hyperdrive at BBC News, with Andrew Neil nabbing an extra hour for the Sunday Politics in the light of the Labour ice-cream cone melting. And now the Question Time special, which was due to be recorded in Birmingham and played out at 10.35pm, has been brought forward to a live outing at 6.30pm, in place of a Countryfile compilation.

Before we continue with too many more specials, can we understand first that Johnson and Gove are busy, first securing pole position in the race for Number 10 for the blond mop-top, and simultaneously working out some sort of clue as to a negotiating position with Europe ? Then there ought to be a couple of days' further grace, as Boris for the first time digests a national and international brief - Humphrys and Neil are waiting, and they'll be harder to get past than the unhappy voters of Islington.

Thank heavens Wimbledon is just around the corner.

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