Saturday, June 25, 2016


Sometimes, dear readers, on your behalf, I read the Daily Mail Online.

Today's edition brings you an important souvenir of a pack of hacks slavering with maximum frothing, boorish dyspepsia. The leader is presumably written by Paul Dacre himself, trailed by Max Hastings, Quentin Letts, Andrew Pierce, Dominic Sandbrook, Stephen Glover, Richard Littlejohn, Andrew Gimson, Peter Oborne, Alex Brummer and Katie Hopkins. As yet, there's no obvious contribution from Mrs Michael Gove, who is presumably measuring curtains either at No 11 or Carlton Gardens. Not a scintilla of magnanimity in victory. Gawd knows what's going to happen when the Mail on Sunday, in favour of Remain, appears.

James Chapman, former Political Editor of the Mail, joined the George Osborne Project in May last year, working as his Director of Communications. Here's his rueful Tweet of yesterday.

(One notes that Livepool, where there's been a boycott of The Sun for 27 years, produced a 58.2% vote for remain).

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