Saturday, May 21, 2016

Too big ?

Anyone worried about the all-new-yet-strangely-the-same Top Gear ? Here's Chris Evans in an interview the BBC Press Office has kindly prepared for its media chums.

"We are the hosts of the show and other people make films and then come in and talk about those films.... the constant is Matt and myself – so the whole show is a two-hander with a back-up cast."

The nine-metre high fibreglass Stig, originally constructed to mark the launch of BBC Worldwide channel BBC Brit in Poland in Janaury 2015, this week was erected outside Broadcasting House. It passed the Houses of Parliament with less fuss than Matt LeBlanc skidding round the Cenotaph (the rest of that day's escapade seems to be running as the penultimate edition of the new six part series). I'm not sure how long it's staying there, but I suspect competitors and maybe Westminster Council might deem it advertising, don't you think ?

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